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Marco DePrence, originator and podcast host of Hear Me Out is finding his stride. Whether he is acting, modeling, or bartending, DePrence is the life of the party. As a Portland native, DePrence has made Atlanta his new home. He considered his nomadic life in D.C., Florida, Tennessee, and New York as a testament of his employment record. 

Throughout this period, he worked various jobs like personal styling, program managing, and finance. He also decided to take a year off from working to give back to his community in Washington, D.C. and become apart of Americorps. For DePrence, Americorps represented the best of America by tirelessly servicing people and communities across the country.


Additionally, DePrence is currently expanding his social space and gaining traction with local community promoters. His ultimate goals are to create collaborative spaces where he can celebrate everyone’s wins. Even though DePrence is privately an introvert, he is a social butterfly in public eager to have a good time. Along with his cool personality, DePrence is an impeccable dresser wearing outfits that are fashion forward that expresses his mood. Though he has had a hard life personally, he has been able to overcome these personal struggles and improved his mental health. 


He is an advocate for people to seek therapy and that is partly how his podcast came about. His podcast whether live on Instagram or audio on iTunes give us a glimpse of who he is and what he thinks about. Ultimately, he likes to engage socially with different groups of people and maintain good social relationships over the years.


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Marco DePrence

P.O. Box 4653

Atlanta, GA 30302


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